Book Reading - Mindset - Steps to Achieve Growth Mindset

I was reading the book called Mindset by Carol S. Dweck which lays out two different mindsets within people - Fixed vs Growth mindset and how it affects us in different parts of our life.

Here is my expert on the how to achieve Growth Mindset,

This info graphic does pretty good job of explaining between the different mindsets

  • Each of us have Growth mindset towards certain facets of life and Fixed mindset towards other parts and be aware it.
  • To change into growth mindset we must identify the trigger which causes into go into the mindset and be aware of it.
  • Then, we try to name our alter personality of fixed mindset and try to open conversely with our personality and see how it makes us think, feel and act?
  • We start on journey with our alter personality towards growth mindset that helps us be aware and make the changes.

We project fixed mindset in different situations. One such cases was anger towards friends\family or our significant others.In those situation, our partners can't read our minds, so the first thing would be to have open line of communication. We must communicate how we feel and why we feel in such a way and gain better understanding of it.

Once we make our shift towards growth mindset, we must support it all the way and make sure we don't lapse into fixed mindset. Even if we lapse towards, we must start again and work towards our goal. Change is not a constant, so it needs to maintained and supported all the way till the end.


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